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The idea of engineering is familiar to almost every subject of market relations who has taken or participated in the process of construction projects.
This activity includes the provision of consulting engineering and technical means for construction, project implementation, construction of complex facilities and buildings.
Simply put, I Du Design offers a range of services that are transformed into plans, projects and feasibility studies that are needed to move the construction project forward.
PGS stained glass:
  • Ecological product.
  • Safety film
  • 16 classic colors
  • Custom tonting in over 16,000 colors
  • Wide application
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Cutting, edging, drilling
I DO Design has a high-tech line for printing on glass.
In print, the impression is placed on the glass by automated processes and is additionally protected with colorless film. During the lamination, the imprint remains encapsulated and completely protected from external influences, such as water, sunlight or high temperature.
Transport is one of the main links for the proper functioning of the business.
I DO Design has its own logistics unit.
We can deliver to YOU anywhere on the map.
Fitting and Hardware
Fitting and Hardware
Proper fitting is important for the finish and good performance of the product. We can suggest and advise you how to approach a specific situation.
With a good collaboration of hardware and glass, an irresistible vision is obtained, that caresses the eye and brings mood.
Our qualified installation team, the years of experience in the field and our technical expertise are sufficient prerequisites for the implementation of any type of installation.

Our pursuit of high quality, good interaction with customers and avoiding any compromises has helped us build an extremely good reputation and gain trust in our relationships with our partners.